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This is the page on RBGE data

Created items: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh rdf:type = institution I wonder how instance of institution is going to be used? ie names of institutes are rdf:type = institution but botanic garden is an instance of institutionType


Edited https://tdwg-cd.wiki.opencura.com/wiki/Item:Q181

cd:objectType Curatorial Object cd:quantity 3,000,000 cd:quantityMethod estimate cd:confidence 0.8

Decided to go with Curatorial Object rather than Object or Organism and added a definition to Curatorial Object


cd:digitalRecordType Object cd:digitizationLevelDefinition MIDS-1 cd:digitalRecordQuantity 970,000

Object cd:digitizationLevelDefinition MIDS-1i cd:digitalRecordQuantity 510,000

Object cd:digitizationLevelDefinition MIDS-2 cd:digitalRecordQuantity 100,000

Would have liked to have used cd:digitizedLevel for the MIDS level rather than the definition property Used digitalRecordQuantity rather than digitizedLevelQuantity